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In the small town of Bartlett, OH, where beauty and charm abound, having a reliable and trustworthy roofing company is essential. When it comes to EPDM roofing, there is one name that stands out above the rest – Tebay Roofing. With their unmatched professionalism, quick response times, and honest approach, Tebay Roofing has established itself as the go-to contractor for all roofing needs in Ohio and West Virginia. Offering a wide range of services, from roof repairs to replacements, and specializing in commercial roofing, Tebay Roofing is the top choice for both residential and commercial properties. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and unbeatable warranties, Tebay Roofing is the epitome of excellence in the roofing industry. Don’t wait any longer, give them a call at (740) 434-7127 and mention code CDSV5 to save 5% on your next roofing project.

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Welcome to Bartlett, OH, where you will find a community that prides itself on its beautiful landscapes and thriving businesses. One crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity of your property in Bartlett is your roof. In this article, we will explore the benefits of EPDM roofing, a popular roofing option in the area. EPDM roofing is known for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, EPDM roofing may be the perfect solution for your roofing needs.

About Bartlett, OH

Bartlett, OH, is a charming town located in Ohio, known for its picturesque surroundings and strong sense of community. With a population that embraces the beauty of nature, the town is rich in green landscapes and stunning views. The climate in Bartlett can be challenging for roofs due to its wide range of temperatures and occasional severe weather conditions. It is crucial to choose a roofing material that can withstand these elements and provide long-lasting protection.

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Why Choose EPDM Roofing

When it comes to choosing the right roofing material for your property in Bartlett, EPDM roofing stands out as an excellent option. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane known for its durability and resistance to weathering. Its exceptional performance and affordability make it a popular choice among homeowners and business owners alike.

EPDM roofing is highly regarded for its ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for Bartlett’s climate. Whether it’s scorching heat or freezing cold, EPDM roofing remains flexible and durable, ensuring maximum protection for your property.

Advantages of EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for both residential and commercial properties in Bartlett:

1. Durability

EPDM roofing is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rains, and even hail. Its exceptional resistance to UV radiation and ozone makes it highly durable, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main advantages of EPDM roofing is its affordability. The cost of installation and maintenance is relatively low compared to other roofing options. Additionally, EPDM roofing’s long lifespan means fewer repairs and replacements, saving you money in the long run.

3. Easy Installation

EPDM roofing can be quickly and easily installed, reducing labor costs and minimizing disruption to your daily activities. Its lightweight nature and flexible membrane make it an ideal choice for various roof shapes and sizes.

4. Energy Efficiency

EPDM roofing is known for its energy-saving properties. Its high reflectivity helps to reduce heat absorption, keeping your property cooler during hot summer months. This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable interior environment.

5. Low Maintenance

EPDM roofing requires minimal maintenance, making it an appealing option for homeowners and business owners in Bartlett. Regular inspections and simple cleaning are usually sufficient to keep your EPDM roof in excellent condition.

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Factors to Consider

Before deciding on EPDM roofing for your property in Bartlett, there are a few factors worth considering:

1. Climate

While EPDM roofing is excellent in most climates, it is essential to consider your specific climate in Bartlett. Consult with a professional roofing contractor, such as Tebay Roofing, to determine if EPDM roofing is the best choice for your property.

2. Roofing Design

EPDM roofing is versatile and can be adapted to various roof designs. However, it is crucial to ensure that EPDM roofing is compatible with your specific roof structure. Consulting with a roofing professional will help determine if EPDM roofing is suitable for your property.

3. Overall Budget

EPDM roofing is known for its affordability. However, it is still important to assess your budget before making a decision. Tebay Roofing offers price-matching and financing options to assist you in making the best investment for your property.

EPDM Roofing Installation Process

When it comes to installing EPDM roofing in Bartlett, you can rely on the expertise of Tebay Roofing. The installation process typically follows these steps:

  1. Roof Preparation: The existing roof is inspected, cleaned, and any necessary repairs are made to ensure a smooth installation process.

  2. Membrane Installation: The EPDM roofing membrane is carefully laid out and secured to the roof using adhesives or mechanical fasteners.

  3. Seams and Joints: Special attention is given to ensuring excellent seam and joint integrity, as this is crucial for preventing leaks and ensuring long-term durability.

  4. Flashing Installation: Flashing is installed around roof penetrations, such as chimneys or vents, to provide an additional layer of protection against water intrusion.

  5. Final Inspections: The roofing contractor conducts a thorough inspection to ensure the EPDM roofing has been installed correctly and meets all quality standards.

EPDM Roofing Maintenance

EPDM roofing requires minimal maintenance but can benefit from occasional inspections and cleaning. Here are a few maintenance tips for EPDM roofing in Bartlett:

  • Inspect the roof regularly for any signs of damage, such as punctures or tears.
  • Clear the roof of any debris, such as leaves or branches, to prevent water pooling and potential damage.
  • Trim nearby trees to prevent branches from scraping or damaging the EPDM membrane.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers for cleaning, as they can damage the roofing material. Use mild soap and water instead.
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EPDM Roofing Repair

In the unfortunate event that your EPDM roof in Bartlett requires repair, it is advisable to contact a professional roofing contractor, such as Tebay Roofing. They have the expertise to assess the damage and provide appropriate repairs. EPDM roofing repair typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection: The roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect the roof to identify the extent of the damage and determine the best repair approach.

  2. Preparation: The damaged area is cleaned, and any loose or damaged EPDM membrane is removed.

  3. Patch Application: A compatible EPDM repair patch is applied to the damaged area, ensuring proper adhesion and durability.

  4. Seam and Joint Repair: If necessary, any compromised seams or joints are addressed to prevent future leaks and maintain the integrity of the entire roofing system.

EPDM Roofing Cost

EPDM roofing offers excellent value for its affordability and long-term durability. The cost of EPDM roofing in Bartlett may depend on various factors, including the size of the roof, complexity of the installation, and any additional features or requirements. To get an accurate estimate for your property, it is best to reach out to a trusted roofing contractor like Tebay Roofing. They can provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific needs.


Choosing EPDM roofing for your property in Bartlett, OH, is a wise decision that offers long-lasting protection, affordability, and ease of installation. Tebay Roofing is the ideal partner to guide you through the process, providing professional, responsive, and honest roofing services. Their expertise in EPDM roofing installation, maintenance, and repairs will ensure that your property is safeguarded for years to come. Contact Tebay Roofing at (740) 434-7127 and mention code CDSV5 to save 5% on your next roofing project. With EPDM roofing and Tebay Roofing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected against the elements in Bartlett, OH.

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